12 Griva Digeni, Office 31
6010 Larnaka, Cyprus
+357 96422269

Infos for guests: TANAS City Suite

If there is any problem during your stay, or before, you can contact us here:

Beatrice: +357 99228739

Patrick: +357 99054825

Thank you for choosing our apartment for your stay!

Important: You are NOT guests of Cosmo Napa Hotel. You are renting our apartment, and you will receive access to only their pool area with the access cards from the apartment. But please do not go to their reception, since you are not guests of the hotel.

We are thrilled to have you as our guests, and we can't wait for you to experience the comfort and charm of our lovely apartment. To help make your arrival as smooth as possible, we have provided detailed directions to guide you right to our doorstep. Just follow these simple steps, and you'll be enjoying your home away from home in no time!

Here is the Google Maps Link to the apartment:


Here are the instructions how to get to the apartment

1. Coming From Paphos/Limassol/Larnaka, head towards Ayia Napa on the highway and don't take an exit. Just drive until the highway ends with a roundabout. Take the exit to the right (second exit)

2. Continue until the next roundabout. In this roundabout, turn right (third exit)

3. Continue to another roundabout, this time go straight here (second exit)

4. Follow the street for a while, you will drive over multiple speed bumps and the street will make a turn to the left. Then at the end, at the stop sign, turn right

5. Turn the first left

6. Turn left again at the stop sign

Now you have 2 options:

Option 1: Park at a bigger, public parking (easier to park), and enter the building from the backside

Option 2: Park directly under the building (harder to park) - and enter

We recommend parking at the public parking the first day, until you are used to driving your rental car, and then take the parking under the building

If you want to see a video, where I explain both options, you can click on the following video:

7a. Option 1: Park to the right at the public parking space, and enter the complex through the gate on the left side, after easy rider quad rental

You turn to the right here, and park:

You enter the complex to the left through the gate here (directly after the quad rental - between the silver and blue quad on the picture):

This is the gate:

And here is a video on how to get into the apartment from the public parking:

Important: If there is any trouble finding the apartment, call us. But do not go to the Cosmo Napa Hotels Reception. They are not responsible for the apartment, and they don't like if our guests cause trouble at their reception.

7b: You will drive around the building: Continue to the end of the road, and turn left at the stop sign into the one way road

8. Turn left through the gate

Turn left to get into this gate. Watch out, it is a very tight entrance.

Your private parking will be directly the first to the right, it says 21 D212 on the sign

Warning: It is hard to park there. If you do not feel confident it is better to go back out and park in public. Our neighbour that parks next to us will call me, if you cause any damage to his car, so please if you are having trouble parking in the parking spot, don't force it..

Accessing the Apartment:

You go up the stairs through the entrance, and in the first floor you turn to the left.

Our apartment is the first one on the right side of the corridor with the grey door. The keybox is right next to it

If you have a personal check-in, I will meet you downstairs! If you have the self-check in, the key will be in the key box on the right side of the door!

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We're always here to help! Enjoy your stay and make unforgettable memories in our lovely apartment. Welcome to your home away from home!

Please help improving the apartment!

We are very motivated hosts. We want to make the apartment, and your stay, the best in Cyprus! If there is anything, that we can improve in the apartment, please tell us. We regularly add things to the apartment according to guests feedback!

Warm regards,

Your hosts Patrick & Beatrice, and the Tanas Team.

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